Check Out the Details of Colonoscopy in Singapore

Colonoscopy is generally a test that can allow you and your physician to know the problems and abnormalities linked with your colon or rectum. During the procedure, long flexible tube will be inserted in your rectum with a small camera at a tip of its tube.

In this way, your health practitioner will have a complete view of inside of your whole colon and see any underlying cause of problem. After complete examination, you will come to know the complete colonoscopy cost in singapore.

It is also termed as colonoscopy and this is the endoscopic test of large bowel and part of your small bowel with CCD camera and fiber-optic camera. The flexible tube is passed gently through the anus for right inspection.

The doctor will recommend colonoscopy to:

  • Screen for the colon cancer. Suppose you are above 50 and at an average risk of the colon cancer or do not have any risk factors of colon cancer other than age, then your doctor will recommend the colonoscopy each 10 years sometimes earlier to screen for the colon cancer. Investigate intestinal signs & symptoms. Colonoscopy will help the doctors to explore possible causes of rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, and various intestinal issues.
  • Look for polyps. Suppose you ever had polyps, doctors will recommend the follow-up colonoscopy check to look for & remove additional polyps. It is generally done to reduce the risk of cancer.

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Colonoscopies Costs in Singapore

There’re various factors that you need to consider when getting colonoscopies that lead to its costs:

  • Private hospitals
  • Restructured Hospitals
  • Public hospitals

Costs are easily obtainable if you call and send in your enquiry to centres where you want to get your colonoscopy done. Suppose biopsies, histological analyses or polyp removal are needed, additional cost can be incurred because of use of the additional equipment & tests needed.

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