CS:GO Themed Oddities, Gifts, and Collectible Items

CS GO gaming is now just one year old, and has been on the market for a little over half that time. It’s crazy to think about how quickly gaming has gone from something dreaded by adults to something everyone feels entitled to. But with this also comes the characteristic of hyper-collectability and obsolescence of items found on the market today.


This is where this blog post comes into play; we are going to cover some CS GO collectible items, gifts, and oddities that you can add gamely into your collection or spread out across gamer friends or family members in an effort to share your passion for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


These are fun little collectibles that were originally thought up for the beta version of CSGO. The idea was to give players a system of trading cards where each card was a virtual item that could be used in the game to get you some P90’s, an AWP, or even an ak 47. However, while they did become extremely popular and traded among players, they took an extremely long time to get around to placing their value on the items inside. This is because, like most collectibles, there was doubt as to what their true value actually was on the market.


Over the course of the year, and with the slowly growing popularity of CSGO, they were able to place a value on all the items and started trading them as a whole set rather than individually. Through this new trading system, they were also able to create community groups that could own and trade these cards with each other.



The main issue with collecting these is that you have to buy a specific amount of random packs in order to get all of them. So if you don’t get all 18 you can’t trade for the ones you are missing because there is no way to tell what number or rarity a card will be. However, there are some rare golden versions that you can obtain for extra value. These cards are also separated into three sets, each set of cards having its own rarity and its own values. This way, you can tell what cards you don’t have and go out to buy the ones you do.


Next up, we have some of the most popular skinport CSGO items that are available for trading. These items are not limited to just in-game items either; these include things like T-Shirts, mousepads, posters, and more. These items can be spruced up with supporting the game or, even better, making a statement about your skills as a gamer.

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